Obtain (or renew) a PKI Certificate

You already have one. Seriously, unless you are a newly qualified doctor, you more than likely already have a PKI Certificate. It is being used behind the scenes for online, secure communication between your practice software and Medicare Online (formerly HIC Online). So, all you have to do is find the CD (could have been a floppy disk) and the piece of paper with your PIC on it.

If you truly do not have a PKI Certificate yet, you will need to apply for one.

If you have lost the CD, PIC, or both; or the email address in the PKI Certificate is an old one, or a personal one you do not want to use for secure email: use the renewal form on Medicare Australia’s website.

If you did lose the CD or PIC, please revoke the old certificate once your new one is up and running. Technically, you should revoke the old one immediately, but many practices would find disabling online claiming so disruptive that they are willing to breach the guidelines.

Please, for these kind of security issues, use links on Medicare’s website, not some random site on the internet. Even this one!

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