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How much does Secure Email cost?

Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Not a brass razoo.
0c per sent message, and 0c per received message.
Same price as your unencrypted email.

What is Secure Email, and how does it work?

A system of trusted public and private keys allowing encrypted, signed communication between correspondents. To send someone an encrypted message, you use their public key to encode it. The recipient must use their private key to decrypt (decode) it. To sign a message, you use your private key to sign it, the recipient uses your public key to confirm it was signed by you. (Or at least, someone with access to your private key)

May I use my Medicare Australia issued PKI certificate for secure email?

relevant extract:

1.2 Certificate Use

1.2.1 Appropriate Certificate Uses

Key Pairs and Certificates issued under this CP are to be used by Sites to secure transactions for programs and services authorised or approved by Medicare Australia.

1.2.2 Prohibited Certificate Uses

There are no prohibited certificate uses. Parties using the Site Certificates for any transaction other than transactions authorised or approved by Medicare Australia do so at their own risk.

Why download Medicare Certificates from Certificates Australia, and not Medicare Australia?

Because Medicare Australia’s PKI section directs you to

Can I copy your information?

No, you may not. Our copying policy explains why we think this is a bad idea.

How do I know if someone else has configured secure email?

Certificates Australia allows you to find out who has Medicare Australia issued PKI certificates, but not who has setup secure email.

Register with HealthEmail, and we will keep track for you.

(Or, you could just send them an encrypted email, and hope they can read it.)

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