HealthEmail’s Glossary


A Certificate Revokation List is a list of Certificates which have been cancelled. They should no longer be trusted, as they may have been compromised.

Digital Signing Certificate

Used to prove who sent an email (or other communication).


Using a secret code (cipher) to scramble a message to prevent interception.

Encryption/Decryption Certificate

A certificate pair (public/private) used to encode or decode messages.

OCA Cetificate


Public Key Infrastructure is the system of …

PKI Cetificate

Private Key

The private key must be kept confidential, as it can be used to sign messages as coming from you (Digital Signing), or to decrypt encrypted messages sent to you.

Public Key

Distributed widely, the public key is used by correspondents to confirm messages are from you (signed) or to send encrypted messages to you.

Root CA Certificate

Secure Email

A system of trusted public and private keys allowing encrypted, signed communication between correspondents. To send someone an encrypted message, you use their public key to encode it. The recipient must use their private key to decrypt (decode) it. To sign a message, you use your private key to sign it, the recipient uses your public key to confirm it was signed by you. (Or at least, someone with access to your private key)

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