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I was setting up my sister’s PKI certificate so she could send secure emails. The first time you try to do this, it seems rather intimidating. After the fifth time it starts to become routine. So, I set up this website to make health professionals’ job easier. You’ll find instructions on setting up your PKI certificate, and installing Medicare Australia’s root certificates. (Your IT support person/team might appreciate a pointer in this direction)

And, once you think it is all setup correctly, you can send a test email to check.

If it all works you can choose to register with us, and we will remind you about a month before your PKI certificate expires. (They last five years, normally). All this is a free service. Should you desire, we can keep track of your would-be secure email correspondents, and notify you when they setup their own secure email system. That is the only paid service, at $1 per correspondent, payable when they come on-stream.

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